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BerbeThin: Exercise In A Pill?


“Yes, It May Sound Far-Fetched, Yet... What If There Was A Way To Naturally Mimic The Same Chemical Reactions That Happen Inside Your Body When You Lift Weights Or Sweat Bullets On The Treadmill?”

Hi, Dr. Steve Sisskind here.

I earned my M.D. from the Baylor School of Medicine, and I'm the chief Medical Officer at Vitalifi LLC.

And today, I’m excited to tell you about a proprietary formula that is helping people manage their weight as nothing else has.

This is an “open secret” that, for the last 15 years, has been covered up by the pharmaceutical industry.


Dr. Steve Sisskind

Because it not only competes against their side effect-riddled drugs… it outperforms them.

Let me ask you a question:

What If There Was A Way To Command Your Body To Kick Its Weight Management Machinery Into Overdrive… Exactly The Same Way That Intense Exercise Does?

Treadmill Running

Yes… a natural compound that “activates” the exact same cellular process that would happen if you sprinted for twenty minutes!

It’s called Berberine, and when it’s combined with a few other, highly potent natural compounds, it tells your body to “burn, baby, burn” - without dangerous stimulants.

Not only that but for the millions of Americans struggling with Fat Loss Resistance Complex, it offers hope when nothing else has worked.

I was skeptical when I read the clinical research, but my doubts were crushed when one of our customers, Susan, called in to speak to me.

Previously, I had recommended she take some Berberine for her erratic blood sugar. A couple weeks of later, when she called in, I could tell she was beaming...

“Dr. Steve... I’ve Lost 8 Lbs Since I Last Saw You!”

I smiled and told Susan, “That’s great! I’m really happy for you.”

But after our appointment, candidly, I was scratching my head. I was thinking to myself “8lbs? Wow, that’s a lot!”

You see, I didn’t expect her results to be THAT good.

Yet, Susan’s surprising transformation was nothing compared to what happened next. It revealed a natural weight management discovery that may change the lives of millions of people who can’t seem to lose their weight, no matter what.

So keep reading. On this website, you’re going to find out…

  • How a new condition called Fat Loss Resistance Complex is literally blocking millions of Americans from losing the weight they want
  • How Berberine can kick start the metabolic process that has been brought to a dead stop by Fat Loss Resistance Complex
  • And how to boost, strengthen and amplify Berberine’s power for even better results…

This is unlike anything that has come before because it works like nothing else that exists.

I’m extremely excited to share this research with the world because it changes everything we know about how to lose weight.

But Please Understand: I’m Neither A “Weight Loss Guru,” Nor a Dietician

As I said, my name is Dr. Steve Sisskind.

I earned my MD from the Baylor School of Medicine, and I'm the Chief Medical Officer at Vitalifi, where our customers range from business owners, and athletes to housewives and retirees.

Many of our customers are seriously ill – suffering from Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and other maladies that other doctors struggle to treat.

And because weight gain often accompanies these diseases, I’ve had to take a medical approach to help them manage unhealthy weight and erratic blood sugar levels.

In fact, more and more people were coming in, and describing a range of problems that all add up to one thing:

Fat Loss Resistance Complex

You can think of Fat Loss Resistance Complex as a cellular “malfunction.”

I’ll explain the science shortly, but tell me if any of these situations sound familiar…

David was 54, eating the same foods he always had, yet kept putting on more weight around his belly.

Cindy was 47, and exercise “just wasn’t working” anymore. No matter what she did, her weight seemed “glued on”.

And Marlene was 66, had tried every diet under the sun, and found me when she gave up Keto in frustration.

Their struggles puzzled me, too…

Fat Loss Resistance

…until I realized that they were all struggling with Fat Loss Resistance Complex.

It’s the “perfect storm” of a metabolism gone haywire.

  • Fat storage hormones get locked into overdrive...
  • Fatigued cells lack the energy to flush out waste...
  • Blood sugar levels skyrocket, leading to a resistance to the hormone insulin...
  • And there’s an explosion of inflammation...

It gets worse.

Men develop a pot-belly, and women get that “spare tire” all around their waist.

The energy that used to be there seems to just vanish in a cloud of fogginess and fatigue.

Cortisol levels increase, which leads to increased feelings of stress.

And then there’s the sadness and the discouragement.

When it seems like no amount of dieting or exercise ever leads to a single lost pound… when it feels like the body has just “given up”on being in shape…

Well, it feels like a part of life is over.

It’s a sad reminder of our aging bodies and the shortness of life.

However, there is a solution to the Fat Loss Resistance Complex. It’s inside you right now. And it’s called, rather mysteriously:

(AMP-activated protein kinase)

Back in 1973, scientists discovered a fascinating, little-understood enzyme in our body’s cells called AMP-activated protein kinase…. or AMPK for short.


AMPK is found inside every single cell. It’s your body’s ‘metabolic master switch.’1

Yet, for most, AMPK activity slows down to a crawl as they age.

And that’s when everything starts to go downhill.

For example, when AMPK is turned off, “cellular junk” like fatty acids and free radicals starts to pile up.

So cells become clogged up, like an overflowing garbage disposal.

And in the end, the cells become so unhealthy they simply begin to break down.2

And that leads to dangerously erratic blood sugar, volatile inflammation, fading energy and a relentless build-up of stubborn belly fat.3 4

The bottom line?

When AMPK Is Turned Off,Cells Get “Fat and Lazy”

Fat and Lazy

So it might not surprise you to learn that when you’re young, your AMPK is fully “active” and working like it’s supposed to.

Activating AMPK is like flipping the switch to turn on your “youth metabolism.”

It’s the thing that determines how long you’ll live.

How much energy you have…

As well as how much fat is getting stored in your cells.

When ‘activated’ it keeps our body’s functions running smoothly: managing glucose uptake… lowering the amount of fat you store… creating new mitochondria (your body’s own energy-producing power plants)...

…and flushing out all the garbage that gradually builds up inside our cells.

When AMPK Is Turned On, Cells Get “Lean and Mean”

AMPK is like a busy chambermaid for your body, keeping everything clean, tidy and running smoothly. And you know what that means?

Healthy, natural fat loss...

Clearer thinking...

A strong heart...

Calories burned (instead of stored as fat!)...

Blood sugar and blood pressure staying on an even keel...

And some may even notice an increase in lean muscle mass…

Lean and Mean

In other words? If you could activate more AMPK on demand, you'd feel more youthful, more energetic, and you’d look like you practically LIVED in the gym.

Now, some folks have lucked out genetically. They can eat anything they want and still not put on a pound. My belief, after seeing lots of lab work, is that these people have naturally higher levels of active AMPK.

But the rest of us?

It’s simple.

Aging = less AMPK.

And less AMPK = Fat Loss Resistance Complex.

So How Can You And I‘Kick-Start’ AMPK Activity?

Easy… by cutting calories to about 1200 a day5, and vigorously exercising6.

Both of these send the signal to your cells that your body is “under stress,” and that its cells need to get “lean and mean”.

But it’s not exactly what you want to hear, right?

I’ve found any program that difficult is nearly impossible for people to maintain.

And who wants to spend their best years depriving themselves of life’s great pleasures?

But stay with me here…

What If There Was A Way To TURN ON AMPK Naturally—Without Living Off Salads Or Strapping Yourself To The Cross-Trainer?

That’s why researchers at Yale, Harvard and Bangor College of Medicine are so excited about Berberine… because it actually ACTIVATES AMPK FOR YOU.

Sure, I had read the research. I knew it was potent. But what I didn’t quite realize was HOW powerful it could be.

This ancient remedy had been sitting under our noses the whole time and only now is modern medicine waking up to its youth-enhancing abilities.

Berberine Research

Berberine was actually used as an over-the-counter antibacterial for diarrhea in China for decades. And up until as recently as 1997, the alternative medical community thought that was its best use. Yet, recently the research has exploded...

Amazingly, ONE-THIRD of the 2,800 published studies have only been carried out in the last 5 years!

And they all point to one thing:

Berberine Is The Next “Superhero” Supplement

Remember when you started hearing about Omegas… or probiotics… or turmeric?

They’re all important, but I believe that for healthy aging and weight management, Berberine is the hottest thing around.

I knew this natural chemical had fat loss properties, yet it was only when Susan called into my office beaming about her 8lbs loss in just 2 weeks that I sat up and took notice.

I began to suggest taking it to more and more people… people suffering from obesity, diabetes, heart disease… and they would come back to us one after the other:

“Dr. Steve, I lost 6lbs!” ...

“Dr. Steve I lost 10lbs!” …

“I lost 7lbs, and my morning blood sugar levels have never been better!!”

Results like this just about gave me whiplash… and they prompted me to look deep into the research.

And wouldn't you know it… Berberine activates AMPK in your body the same way dieting or exercise would do.

Imagine: if you could activate AMPK, you’d get all the benefits of restricting calories and sweating bullets on the treadmill… without needing to do ANY OF IT!

But What IS Berberine?


This new “miracle molecule” is an alkaloid made in plants such as goldenseal root, barberry bark and Oregon grape root.

And berberine turns on AMPK.

The clinical studies are more than promising...

  • Berberine keeps your metabolism humming: Berberine can influence the genes that control your metabolism. You see, there are certain genes that, when turned on, can slow down your metabolism. Berberine forces these genes into a headlock, blocking their ability to ruin your waistline.7
  • From Couch Potato To Lean Athlete? One study turned chubby, couch-potato rats into athletic hard bodies by dosing them with berberine. Rats given berberine lost sizeable chunks of weight compared to the control group that gained weight without berberine. (Plus, another rat experiment showed berberine lowered fasting glucose levels and boosted glucose tolerance.)8

But we’re just scratching the surface:

  • Dropped Pounds of Fat: In a 12-week long study, overweight men and women were given 500 mg of berberine 3 times a day... they lost an average of 5 pounds, and 3.6% of their body fat.9
  • Body Mass Index Plummeted: The second study was for 3 months, during which 37 individuals with metabolic Complex were given 300 mg of berberine 3 times per day. These patients saw their body mass index (BMI) drop from 31.5 to 27.4, lost significant amounts of belly fat, and saw improvement in several other markers of health10
  • Flushes Out Fatty Acids: Another study took 60 people with type 2 diabetes, dosed them with berberine, and measured free fatty acids (fats that float around in your blood after they're freed from fat cells). Free fatty acids are bad news for your pancreas and have been linked to insulin resistance. Berberine lowered levels of free fatty acids in those given the compound.11

The bottom line is that Berberine optimizes your body to behave just like it did in your youth.

It kickstarts your AMPK, commanding each cell to get “lean and mean.”

So your cells will actually use your blood sugar for energy, instead of storing it as fat. As the Natural Medicine Journal states:

…activating AMPK can produce the same benefits as exercise, dieting, and weight loss. One way to appreciate berberine's potential is to think of it as having the same effect on a patient as increasing exercise while at the same time restricting calorie intake.”12

You’ll not only SEE the flatter belly in the mirror, but you’ll also FEEL the results too.

Because AMPK activation gets your “cellular cleanup crew” working.13

So it’s not just your waistline that benefits… it’s your heart, your brain, your liver, and your energy levels too. Sure, it may be no real substitute for a fully comprehensive (and grueling) workout program, yet:

If you’re looking for ‘exercise in a pill’, Berberine is the closest thing I’ve ever seen.

Flat Belly

Needless to say, I was so excited about people's results.

And it got me thinking… what could I do to ENHANCE the power of Berberine for people?

In my research I uncovered a variety of nutrients that not only enhance the effect of Berberine but tackle the scourge of Fat Loss Resistance Complex on their own.

Combined, they form a true powerhouse formula that, I believe, will help us make major strides in the war against middle age weight gain… and the serious health challenges that come along with it.

That’s why, in addition to berberine, I encourage people to consider supplementing with an additional THREE fat-fighting nutrients:

The Cravings Crusher: Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate helps keep pesky food cravings at bay. Those moments of weakness when the refrigerator calls your name in the middle of the afternoon? Gone!

In one 8-week study chromium picolinate lowered food intake and crushed the cravings and hunger pangs in overweight women.14

How does it work? Researchers believe Chromium Picolinate helps your brain use its fuel (glucose) more efficiently. And the data appears to back that up…

So much so, in another 8-week study, they tested 113 people suffering from depression and even they found appetite and cravings were reduced after supplementing with chromium picolinate.15

Yet, I didn’t want to stop there.

There are 2 more nutrients that work with Berberine to light a fire under your metabolism.

The Carb Blocker: White Kidney Bean Extract

Now, white kidney bean extract is fascinating to me. Studies suggest it actually intercepts fat-ballooning carbohydrates. How?

White Kidney Beans

By blocking the enzyme that helps carb digestion in the small intestine.

That means the carbs pass right through your body undigested. Your body can’t absorb the calories and no new fat is formed. Want proof?

A study published in The Journal of Applied Research in 2010 showed that taking white bean extract 15 minutes before each meal led to a reduction in both weight and waist circumference.

In another study, overweight individuals were given 3,000 mg of White Kidney Bean Extract daily or placebo and ate a normal-calorie diet, rich in carbohydrates. After 8 weeks those taking the White Kidney Bean lost an average of 3.8 lbs. Those getting the placebo lost only an average of 1.65 lbs.16

And in yet another study, using a much lower dose of the Extract — 445 mg — once per day, participants lost 6.6 pounds compared to 0.8 pounds among those taking placebo. They also enjoyed significantly greater reductions in fat mass and waist circumference.17

That’s astounding isn’t it?

I truly believe natural fat-fighting nutrients are our greatest weapon in tackling America’s plague of obesity.

Next up, here’s a real Berberine-enhancer. One that acts as a barricade to weight gain.

The Fat-Building Blockade: Resveratrol

Extracted from red wine grapes, the research behind this powerhouse antioxidant keeps getting more and more compelling.

You see, it’s thought Resveratrol is created to protect red wine grapes from the“stress” of being deprived of water and exposed to scorching sunlight.

And we now believe resveratrol’s protective benefits get “transferred over” to our cells when you and I consume it.

For example, multiple studies have proven – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that resveratrol activates AMPK.18 19

Its weight-loss benefits are well-documented. One study showed that mice treated with resveratrol showed improved resistance to weight gain on a high-fat diet.20

Basically, their cells refused to get fat!

Imagine if your cells simply said “no” to accumulating fat…


That’s exactly what the right dose of Resveratrol can do.

It reduces the accumulation of triglycerides, and activates lipolysis… that’s the fancy scientific term for saying it breaks down fats!21

Resveratrol also appears to act on adiponectin, a protein produced by our fat cells and helps us lose fat by improving insulin sensitivity.

Not only that, but according to a Purdue University study, resveratrol may even block immature fat cells from developing AND prevent existing fat cells from growing.

As I’m sure you can now appreciate, with Berberine, Chromium Picolinate, White Kidney Bean Extract and Resveratrol you have a formidable set of fat-fighting nutrients.

Bottom Line? Berberine Along With Nutrients Chromium Picolinate, White Kidney Bean Extract and Resveratrol…

  • Activates AMPK and reawakens your “youth metabolism”...
  • Targets your fat stores for destruction
  • Stabilizes and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels (great for food cravings)...
  • Boosts heart health...
  • Helps support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response
  • Antioxidant anti-aging benefits galore...
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels...

As you can see, on their own these nutrients work incredibly well.

But combined?

Body fat doesn’t stand a chance.

That’s why the Vitalifi™ team and I are excited to release...

The Fat-Destroying AMPK Activator


BerbeThin kick-starts your AMPK, lighting a fire under a crippled metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat, more easily, more often.

Here’s the best part:

It’s the only nutraceutical developed to fight the metabolically-damaging effects of Fat Loss Resistance Complex head on.

That means this isn’t just about losing weight. This is about overcoming fat loss resistance, once and for all.

Ultimately, Reclaim Your Life

It’s designed to work for men and women when dieting and exercise alone have proven feeble for weight management.

BerbeThin steps in and “resets” those age-related glitches in your metabolic machinery, kickstarting your natural weight management engine.

And beyond fat loss, when your ‘youth-molecule’ AMPK is activated, when your metabolism is firing properly, you may ALSO...

  • Feel your mood lift as anxiety and occasional insomnia begin to fade…
  • Enjoy a bump in your energy levels throughout the day... those afternoon naps quickly become a thing of the past…
  • Each morning, getting out of bed, climbing the stairs, even exercising becomes infinitely easier as minor, occasional aches and pains start to diminish…
  • And if you’ve been plagued by dull, lifeless skin, dry hair and brittle nails, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well they respond to a healthy, rejuvenated, more youthful metabolism...

Mountain Top

That’s because BerbeThin is not some fad weight loss stimulant.

You know, the ones that make you feel all anxious and jittery inside?

BerbeThin is a clinical-grade formula…

Providing four premium nutrients that you’re not getting right now.

Four scientifically-proven natural compounds that rejuvenate an out-of-whack metabolism... and get it running like it did when you were a kid.

Just One A Day
Gets You The Clinical Dose Of Berberine

Yes, the 500 mg of clinical-grade Berberine HCL that has been so celebrated in the studies I’ve listed above.

I suggest that you take ONE capsule a day, with your first meal of the day.

And yes, it’s safe to take 2 or even 3 capsules a day if you have years of accumulated body fat, and really want to crush Fat Loss Resistance Complex.

Is There Anyone Who Shouldn’t Take BerbeThin?

I’ve seen the best results in people who are already struggling with erratic or unhealthy blood sugar levels…

…as well as those with gut problems, because yet another one of Berberine’s superpowers is that it kills the “bad bugs” in your gut.22

This is why the Chinese have used it as an anti-diarrheal for centuries. It’s been proven to seek and destroy everything from E. coli, to Salmonella, and even Cholera!

So I truly believe that just about every American should make Berberine a daily habit.

The only exception is people under 35, whose AMPK activity hasn’t yet begun to decline. Yes, they can benefit from Berberine’s anti-microbial effects. But they’re less likely to see the same pronounced changes in weight as someone who’s a little (or a lot!) older.

So if you are over 35, then I’m confident that Berberine can help you…

Look (And Feel!) Younger Than You Have In Years

You see, in addition to the scientific-proven fat loss and health benefits, there is an abundance of anti-aging benefits as well.

And the three compounds I’ve added are all clinical-grade, and properly dosed for potency.

  • Chromium Picolinate for significant cravings reduction…
  • White Kidney Bean Extract, that delays digestion and absorption of     carbohydrates...
  • Resveratrol, the fat-burning, metabolic antioxidant powerhouse...

Berbethin Is A Whole Different Caliber Of Weight Management Solution - One You Have Never Seen Before

That’s why one month’s supply of BerbeThin is a very reasonable $89.95.

Granted, it’s worth every penny. Especially when you think about what it’s worth to feel pride and happiness every time you look in the mirror or slip into your favorite jeans.

Not to mention, not having to worry about your blood sugar and feeling energized in the morning.

Now if you were to go to a doctor and talk about wanting these kinds of things in your life...

A thinner, more youthful body…

More energy…

Better blood sugar numbers…

Healthy cholesterol levels...

A cleaner gut…

They’d stick you on a whole bunch of side-effect-riddled drugs, suggest surgery, or simply tell you that you were dreaming.

But considering the recent breakthrough science, as well as my own experience...

I’m Offering An Introductory Rate On BerbeThin:

Even though $89.95 a bottle is affordable, the formulation team at Vitalifi and I put our heads together to figure out how we could get that price down. Way down.

And of course, we figured out if you were to buy 2 or 3 bottles because we can order the formulation in bulk, we can drop the price significantly.

Plus, I knew you’d be so excited about the results it’s highly likely you’d rush back to grab another bottle. So we knew we could make the numbers work.

But I had a more selfish reason to make this super-affordable for everybody suffering from Fat Loss Resistance Complex...


I want to replicate the results from my own office and share them with the rest of America.

And I want YOU messaging me that your body is looking better than it has in years… in just a matter of weeks… WITHOUT giving up your favorite foods.

I also know how much misery Fat Loss Resistance Complex causes. What it's like to really struggle. And that’s NOT what I want for my fellow Americans.

Get Your 50% Discount Now - While This Inventory Run Lasts

For a limited time, I convinced the Vitalifi team to slash the price by almost 50%.

Yes, we can make these numbers work, but just barely.

So if this first inventory run sells out as quickly as I suspect it will, then my team has insisted that we raise prices.

And you’ll get even more of a discount if you buy more than one bottle…

Vitalifi and I Are Your Partners In Health and Longevity

Our number one priority is you, your results, your health, and making sure you’re taken great care of.

Which is why I want to take a moment to explain our guarantee to you.

When you use BerbeThin, you will get results, guaranteed.

You will look better, and feel better.

How much? Well, it is illegal to make specific promises around how many pounds you’ll lose.

(You can thank all of the scammy weight loss frauds for that FTC rule… and frankly, I’m glad it exists)

I have my reputation and my license to protect.

But considering the experiences that people had, I’m 100% confident that BerbeThin will lead to real, noticeable weight loss, as you turn the clock back on Fat Loss Resistance Complex.

Our Lifetime Guarantee

Go ahead and put BerbeThin to the test.

And at any point over the next year...

Or the year after that...

Or five years down the road…

Even if you’re at the bottom of your sixth bottle...

If you feel that BerbeThin didn’t work for you, then simply call or email.

You’ll get a prompt, courteous, unconditional refund of even empty bottles by contacting our customer support at 1-844-209-3227 or by e-mailing or by using the quick contact form on our website.

And if you didn’t jot that down, don’t worry. Our contact information will be prominently printed on your receipt. We make it easy for you to get a hold of us.

Could This Be THE Most Important Decision Of Your Life?

I sincerely believe so.

Of course, it all depends on how much you value your appearance, your health and your well-being.

Imagine what BerbeThin can do for you, imagine what these 4 fat fighting nutrients, working in total harmony together, can do for you.

And when you combine BerbeThin with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Fat Loss Resistance Complex doesn’t stand a chance.

Maybe right now your body doesn’t look the way it wants... maybe significant health issues have been haunting you recently... maybe you’ve lost that glow of youth and you want it back.

Whatever it is, we all deserve to spend our days in a body we love, don’t we?

Happy With Our Bodies… Happy With Our Lives

Just for a moment, close your eyes and let me walk you through what your future could very well look like, in just a few short weeks.

Happy Couple


  • Waking up, feeling like you can conquer the world...
  • Easily slipping on those favorite jeans again. (You know the ones, they’re hanging there in the back of your closet)…
  • Revisiting the thrill of going wardrobe shopping, buying what you LIKE rather than what covers the parts you don’t love…
  • Feeling new energy flooding your body, powering a sharper, focused mind, a better, more positive mood, and a take-charge outlook on life...
  • Admiring your body in the mirror… it’s not a source of shame, no… in fact, it’s a source of pride…
  • Friends gushing about how healthy you look, and begging you to tell them what new workout classes you’ve been going to…
  • On your next doctor visit, he’s astounded at how healthy your weight and bloodwork are, and asks you to let him in on your secret…

Who Can Benefit From BerbeThin?

  • Women and men over 40, who suffer from Fat Loss Resistance Complex...
  • Women and men who struggle losing weight, despite diet and exercise...
  • Women and men who suffer from inflammatory challenges...
  • Women and men who need to improve the health of their gut…

If any of those describe you, then now is the time to start making Berberine a daily habit.

Because I think you know what the alternative looks like…

The Consequences Of “Giving Up” To Aging And AMPK Decline:

You and I have both seen plenty of men and women who’ve let themselves go, who look like they’ve simply “given up”.

Maybe they’re significantly overweight... maybe they’re visibly old and tired... maybe they’re unhealthy and unhappy... blaming others for their problems.

Giving Up

For them, it all leads to bitterness, constant aches and pains, hospital visits, pain and suffering and maybe even a deadly disease such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s or even cancer.

Trust me, I don’t want YOU to be one of those people.

You Have A Chance, RIGHT NOW, To Alter The Course Of The Rest Of Your Life

So that you DON’T slide into unhealthy weight gain, sickness, fatigue, and misery, missing out on the joys life has to offer.

You CAN have the body, the energy, the looks, the health and the lifestyle you want.

If someone like Susan can reclaim her body and her life... if she can do it, so can you.

Let me help you. Let BerbeThin help you. Let the team of Nutrition Experts at Vitalifi help you.

Let Me Put My Life’s Work Into Your Hands, Risk-Free

If you’re 40 or over, and if it’s time you got serious about losing decades of accumulated fat, I urge you to sign-up now for our Risk-Free Trial today before it’s too late.

Together, let’s give Fat Loss Resistance Complex a knockout punch.

You don’t have to say yes, just say maybe.

Go ahead and sign up for your Risk-Free Trial of BerbeThin now.

To your health and well-being,

Dr. Steve Sisskind, MD